Spray-Tek provides spray drying and related services for a broad variety of products, including flavors and fragrances, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and vitamins, food ingredients, cosmetics and soft chemicals. All of Spray-Tek’s facilities are cGMP and herbicides, pesticides and solvents are banned. Our clients are located around the corner and across the globe and range from small startups to multinational, Fortune 500 companies. Every day, Spray-Tek’s facilities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania routinely deliver product throughout the United States, from New England to Florida to California.




Spray-Tek has two cGMP custom spray drying facilities, strategically located in Middlesex, New Jersey and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We have eight commercial spray drying units, each with its own unique capability, including fluid spray drying. Spray-Tek uses only Bowen/Niro/GEA dryers, insuring quality and consistency.

Spray-Tek currently has the following equipment and capabilities:

  • Ten (10) commercial dryers
  • Flat bottom and conical dryers
  • Chamber diameters ranging from 6.5’ to 14’
  • Evaporation rates from 15 to 2000 lbs/hr
  • Rotary, nozzle and dual nozzle atomizing
  • One (1) fluid spray dryer
  • Agglomerated particles up to 250µ
  • Full-sized conical dryer
  • Excellent solubility, low dust, granular particles
  • Comprehensive batching capabilities, including the ability to produce emulsions
  • Gaulin APV two-stage, high pressure homogenizer
  • Quadro three-stage high sheer pump
  • Hosikawa D4 hammer mill
  • Bulk receiving and storage capabilities, including refrigerated storage
  • FDA cleaning validation completed on each dryer
  • USP deionized (DI) water system
  • Ability to provide raw materials and packaging




 Our advanced pilot scale dryer can duplicate process conditions that will be encountered during full production. Temperatures and pressures are correlated to assure successful scale up. Additionally, variables are closely monitored and their effect on product quality is carefully measured. This allows clients to perfect the product and the process before moving to full scale testing and also perform valuable research and development. Spray-Tek’s clients are always welcome to work with us in our pilot laboratory for all test runs.



Our cGMP facilities are constantly at the leading edge of technology, employing the most advanced instrumentation and data processing techniques as part of our unique materials handling system.

Spray-Tek’s investment in fluid spray drying technology sets it apart from other tollers. Spray-Tek can provide agglomerated particles of up to 250µ using a continuous flow process on a specially designed Niro/GEA dryer.

Using Oracle and BatchMetrics, all materials are given unique traceable IDs and all processes are monitored, regulated and recorded in real time. This advanced system allows Spray-Tek to provide its clients with unsurpassed consistency, accountability and quality.

Spray-Tek continuously invests in its facilities, equipment and technology to ensure its status as an industry leader and to provide its customers with an advantage.




 From the instant your product enters our facility to the moment it leaves, it is subjected to the most rigorous quality control procedures in the industry. All of our facilities meet and exceed FDA, USDA, NSF and cGMP standards. All incoming materials are separated into individually numbered lots, which are carefully tracked and monitored throughout the drying process. Quality is constantly monitored by sophisticated electronic instruments including Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Points (HACCP). Traceable samples and accompanying documentation are permanently retained for future reference. All of our documentation procedures and manufacturing facilities are routinely audited and approved by FDA, USDA, NSF and, most importantly, our clients. Also, Spray-Tek is also fully certified to run products as kosher, halal, organic and gluten free.