Compounder / Batcher

Compounder / Batcher Role Description

The Compounder / Batcher will compound quality flavors, fragrances, and chemicals using established formulas and procedures according to good manufacturing processes (GMP’s). The Compounder / Batcher reports to the Group Leaders / Production Operators for assignments, direction, and assistance.

  • Compound as required by production demand and work flow.
  • Accurately weigh and dispense raw materials per formula specifications found in BatchMetrics™️.
  • Follow compounding / batching instructions per formula specifications found in BatchMetrics™️.
  • Safety operate forklift to retrieve raw materials from warehouse as needed.
  • Record inventory usage in BatchMetrics™️.
  • Perform work safely and efficiently wearing appropriate PPE equipment.
  • Maintain self, equipment, and working area in a clean and orderly manner following Spray-Tek and GMP guidelines.
  • Wash down equipment following Spray-Tek and GMP guidelines wearing appropiate PPE equipment.
  • Communicate status, problems, or other related information to Group Leaders / Production Operators.
  • Support the Total Quality Improvement Process by participating in meetings and offering ideas to increase productivity and to improve safety.
Required Skills / Experience
  • Basic math, reading and computer skills
  • High School graduate or equivalent with English Fluency
  • Ability to distinguish between various hues of color
  • Ability to wear respirator
  • Ability to operate a fork lift
  • Ability to handle 450 lb drums and 110 lb bags.
  • Ability to multi-task.
  • Ability to follow instructions well.
Job Locations
  • Bethlehem, PA
  • Middlesex, NJ
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