Spray-Tek has three cGMP custom spray drying facilities, strategically located in Middlesex, New Jersey, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and Beloit, Wisconsin. We have fifteen commercial spray drying units, each with its own unique capability, including fluid spray drying. Spray-Tek uses Niro dryers insuring quality and consistency. Our 15 dryers provide our clients with tremendous flexibility in capacity and dryer capability.
  • Chamber Diameters: 6.5' to 14'
  • Evaporation Rates: 15 to 3000 lbs/hr
  • Rotary, nozzle, dual nozzle atomizing
  • Particle size up to 250µ
  • Low Dust, Granular Particles
  • Sophisticated Batching Capabilities
  • Bulk Receiving and Storage Capabilities
  • FDA Cleaning Validation on Each Dryer
  • Provide Raw Materials and Packaging


Niro/GEA Dryer System: Spray-Tek can produce particle sizes up to 250µ. We have customized all (15) of our dyers to optimize throughputs and yields.

BatchMetrics: Spray-Tek has implemented BatchMetrics in our facilities. Spray-Tek center lines our process and has a level of process control unsurpassed in the industry.

Pilot Plant: Spray-Tek's pilot plant is a valuable tool for clients looking for help with their R&D program and scale up. We have multiple dryers in our pilot plant with the capability to duplicate process conditions encountered in full production.

Analytical: Spray-Tek offers a number of analytical tools to certify the material. We offer Gas Chromatography (GC), Malvern (particle size analysis) and Karl Fischer (moisture) analysis.

Conical Dryer

15 Spray Dryers

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Fluid Spray Dryer


USP Deionized Water System


High Pressure Homogenizer


High Shear Pump

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Hosikawa D4 Hammer Mill