Microencapsulation Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your products with our microencapsulation solutions.

We’re spearheading a paradigm shift in microencapsulation: we uncouple the active ingredients from the encapsulation technology used to enhance them, giving you the freedom to customize the payload AND define the capsule’s performance criteria. With biodegradable microcapsules, excellent in-product stability, and continuous development of new technologies, we provide you with a winning solution. Discover how our innovative approach to microencapsulation can elevate your products and set you apart in the market.

Superior Technology

We tailor our technology to meet your unique needs and requirements.

We offer customizable solutions with our technology toolbox. They include pH-triggered release, temperature-triggered release, enzymatic release, in-product stability, and deposition enhancement.

Our expertise in surface modification and compatibilization ensures our encapsulations are perfectly suited to your specific product applications and substrates. Our encapsulation chemistry preserves the potency, performance, and sensory qualities of active ingredients, which allow for a wide range of functional actives to be utilized.

Trucap™ Long-Lasting & Touch Release Technology for Aqueous & Dry Products

Our groundbreaking microencapsulation technology features an organic-inorganic composite capsule wall. Trucap™ is engineered to eliminate leakage of perfume and actives, ensuring exceptional in-product stability. Our technology guarantees exceptional in-use performance, elevating your product and your brand. Also, our capsules prioritize sustainability and biodegradability for “Green” credentials you can claim. Leverage the benefits of our technology in various applications that include Fabric Softeners, Laundry Detergents, Scent Boosters, Laundry and Dryer Sheets, Antiperspirants/Deodorants, Hair and Skin Care, Hard Surface Cleaners, and Bleach Formulations.

Envicap™ – 100% Biodegradable Matrix Encapsulations For Dry Products

Our innovative technology for anhydrous formulations features active ingredients embedded within a protective matrix, ensuring optimal stability and performance. Choose from two release modes —hydration, where actives are released upon contact with water (e.g., dilution, perspiration), and situational, triggered by friction, pH, or enzymes. And rest assured, our encapsulations are 100% biodegradable. Envicap™ is designed for product formats, including Antiperspirants/Deodorants, Detergent Powders, Bar Soaps, Cat Litter, and Solid Concentrates.

microencapsulation solutions for personal care, skincare, cosmetics, and fine fragrance products

Elevate your beauty and personal care products.

Enhance the efficacy, actives delivery, and sensory experience of your skincare, cosmetics, and fine fragrance products.

Transform your home care products.

Elevate the performance, freshness, and long-lasting of your cleaners, air fresheners, and laundry products.

microencapsulation solutions for home care products
microencapsulation solutions for food and beverage

Enhance your food and beverage offerings.

Preserve flavors, protect nutrients, and extend shelf life for nourishing and delectable products that delight.

Explore versatile applications for textiles, non-wovens, and printing.

Incorporate antimicrobials, fragrances, and benefit agents in your textiles and non-wovens. Incorporate fragrance in printed media.

microencapsulation for textiles, nonowovens, printing
microencapsulation solutions for agriculture

Augment your agricultural practices.

Protect crops while also protecting the environment. Improve crop yields, maximize plant nutrition, and simplify application.

Boost your pet care products.

Ensure superior odor control and create a more pleasant experience for pets and owners.

microencapsulation solutions for pet care products, cat litter


Create a greener future for your products and the planet.

Our innovative microencapsulations enhance your product’s performance and help create a greener future via ingredient protection and controlled release. Our microencapsulations are biodegradable and not microplastics – maximizing the efficacy of your products and minimizing your environmental impact.

Gain a strategic advantage in the marketplace with sustainability.

In today’s marketplace, sustainability is a key differentiator. Consumers are increasingly demanding eco-friendly products. Businesses that prioritize sustainability gain a competitive edge. Partner with us to improve the sustainability of your products and position your brand as a leader in environmental responsibility.

All Spray-Tek microencapsulations meet or exceed ECHA Biodegradability per OECD 301 and never contain formaldehyde, melamine, or acrylates.


Achieve your goals more effectively.

The efficiency and reliability of our streamlined operations with our asset-light model and deep integration with customer supply chains result in a seamless and productive partnership.


Procure Your Raw Materials: We meticulously source commercially available inputs for you and collaborate closely to ensure these materials meet your stringent specifications and quality. The result is the ideal end product.

Leverage Our Manufacturing Partners: Our cutting-edge technology seamlessly scales to production at our integrated co-manufacturer facilities. We work hand-in-hand to guarantee the receipt of your raw materials and meticulously manage production timelines to meet your deadlines.

Deliver Your Encapsulation Solution: We expertly encapsulate your active ingredients to integrate into your products. Throughout this process, we maintain communication for your utmost confidence and satisfaction.

We will continue to innovate to help create market leaders.

We are tirelessly innovating. Example technologies under development include Plate-and-Seal Actives, Encapsulated Anti-Microbials, and Emulsion Concentrates. Ask us how our microencapsulation solutions and technologies can elevate your products and make you a market leader.

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