Spray Drying Facilities

State of the Art Spray Drying Facilities

We take pride in our three GMP custom spray drying facilities strategically located in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Overall, we have 19 commercial spray dryers equipped with diverse capabilities designed to meet your most demanding requirements.

Advanced Spray Drying Technology for Optimal Results

Our dryers are meticulously customized to optimize throughputs and yields to ensure every product meets the highest quality standards.

Niro/GEA Dryer System: At the heart of our technological prowess is the Niro/GEA Dryer System. Most impressive, is its capability of producing particle sizes up to 250µ.

Not to mention, our low dust, granular particles exemplify the precision and sophistication embedded in our spray drying operations.

BatchMetrics: We achieve a level of process control that is unsurpassed in the industry with the use of BatchMetrics. This advanced system enables us to centerline our processes, guaranteeing precision and consistency at every stage.

Innovative Pilot Plant for R&D Support

Our pilot plant stands as a valuable tool for clients embarking on research and development programs and scale-up initiatives. And because we have multiple dryers replicating full production conditions, our pilot plant facilitates seamless transitions from concept to reality.

Unmatched Flexibility and Capacity

Our Niro dryers provide you with unparalleled flexibility in both capacity and dryer capability. Meaning, we can tailor our processes to your specific needs.

Chamber diameters ranging from 6.5′ to 14′

Evaporation rates from 15 to 3000 lbs/hr

Atomizing methods – rotary, nozzle, and dual nozzle

Analytical Excellence for Certified Results

In our commitment to delivering excellence, we provide an array of analytical tools to certify material quality. These are just a few of the advanced tools at our disposal.

Gas Chromatography (GC)

Malvern for particle size analysis

Karl Fischer for moisture analysis

Choose Spray-Tek for a partnership that goes beyond service – a fusion of technology, expertise, and precision in every spray-dried particle.

Contact us today to discover how our cutting-edge facilities and advanced technology can elevate your product to new heights. We deliver innovation, quality, and reliability at every stage.

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