Spray-Tek Acquires TRuCapSol

Press Release

Spray-Tek Acquires TRuCapSol, Expanding its Specialty ingredients & Solutions Portfolio

Spray-Tek, the leading provider of manufacturing specialty ingredients, is pleased to announce the acquisition of TRuCapSol (Time Release Capsule Solutions), a leader in delivery systems and supplier of advanced encapsulation technologies. This strategic move allows Spray-Tek to further strengthen its position in the specialty ingredients market and broaden its product offerings to customers worldwide.

The acquisition of TRuCapSol aligns with Spray-Tek’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to all industries such as vitamins, pharmaceuticals, personal care, food, flavors, fragrances, beverages, nutraceuticals, and agriculture. TRuCapSol’ s expertise in encapsulation technologies will complement Spray-Tek’s existing manufacturing capabilities, enhancing the company’s ability to develop and deliver high-performance solutions that meet evolving customer needs globally.

“We are excited to welcome TRuCapSol into the Spray-Tek family,” said David Brand, CEO of Spray-Tek. “Their expertise in encapsulation technologies, coupled with our extensive knowledge and experience in specialty processing, will enable us to provide our customers with even greater advantage with innovation. Together, we will continue to delight our customers and push the boundaries of what is possible in our industry.”

With the integration of TRuCapSol’ s R&D, Spray-Tek will gain access to a talented team of researchers, scientists, and technicians who possess deep expertise in encapsulation techniques. This expanded talent pool will accelerate the development of new and improved products, enabling Spray-Tek to remain at the forefront of the industry.

The acquisition of TRuCapSol demonstrates Spray-Tek’s commitment to growth and diversification, solidifying its position as a leading provider of specialty solutions. By combining resources, knowledge, and capabilities, Spray-Tek and TRuCapSol are poised to drive innovation and create added value for customers across various sectors.

For more information about Spray-Tek and its range of solutions, please visit www.Spray-Tek.com .